Radical Ritual: Top 5 Men's Outfit Ideas for The Burn

As you probably know, this year's art theme is Radical Ritual. The theme at the burn is meant to set the tone for the art that is on the playa and that includes YOU! According to the organizers, they are inviting "participants to create interactive rites, ritual processions, elaborate images, shrines, icons, temples, and visions.”

What better way to participate in the art at The Burn than donning costumes that pays homage to the sacred and the sacrilegious? Outfits have the ability to transform your experience, so create your own radical ritual this year with these ideas:

JC super star

Who better to emulate at the burn than the guy who figured out how to feed throngs of people, while also turning water into wine. Plus, he was one of the original dirty hippies to wander the desert. So gather yourself some dusty burners, ye fishers of hippies, and start creating your own radical ritual with you as the new savior saving man from his thirst for adventure. 

soapbox Heckler

There was a time when dime store preachers stood on soapboxes and tried to talk some sense into the sinners passing them by. Lucky for you, there are lots of people passing by on the Esplanade, so get on your soapbox and start snarking until you have a sizable following that you can lead into the dust, and damn the rest.

Fraternitas autem Quis Ardere

Translation? The newest secret society on the playa, and you are its founding member. Lure unknowing pledges with promises of directions to the Orgy Dome before entering them into your own personally designed hazing ritual. Then enlist your newest members to continue the mission of your secret society, whatever that may be. Just remember, the first rule of Fraternitas autem Quis Ardere is, you don't talk about Fraternitas autem Quis Ardere.

Playa Prophet

Grab a tarot deck, a polaroid camera, light some sage, and start introducing yourself as the newest playa prophet. Smudge your audience to clear their stuck energy, then pull out that deck and start forecasting the future while capturing people's aura's with your camera. Predicts floods of change and famines of bacon in the coming days to feed everyone's spirit animals. 

Shirt Cock King

Sometimes radical ritual is about joining an existing movement, and no ritual has stood the test of time like the playa shirt cocker. Even as the look goes out of fashion again and again, it doesn't stop the die hard burners from rocking this look. Join one of the burns oldest traditions by donning a t-shirt, a sun hat, and an ice cold beer as you troll the playa.

Whatever you decide to wear at the burn, step outside your comfort zone. Being naked is not only for the body builders, so if getting naked scares you, then do it. If hiding that gorgeous body makes you think you won't get any attention, than try covering up. Push your boundaries, wear a skirt (or a kilt if that's easier). Start your own radical ritual by just wearing something new. 

Looking for more inspiration? Visit our men's outfit guide for more ideas.