Sex at The Burn

Q: I want to hook up at the burn, is everyone DTF?
A: While Burning Man may be more sexually liberated than the average city, it is made up of all types of people, sexual orientations, relationship statuses, and sexual fluidity. Do not assume that everyone there is DTF. On the playa there is a strong emphasis on sex positivity and consent. 

Q: What is Sex Positivity?
A: It is the stance that all sex, as long as it is consenting is good. Abandon your judgement of anything that isn't heteronormative straight sex, and applaud anyone who is having consensual fun play.

Q: So how do I get consent?
A: You ask. It's that simple. You don't find a woman or man who is chemically altered and lure them back to your tent. You find a hottie who is of sound mind and you say something like: "I think you're so sexy, may I hug/kiss/lick you?" If you get anything other than an enthusiastic "yes!", then it's a no. And don't push it. There are nearly 80,000 people on the playa, and it's better to get a "fuck yeah" than a lukewarm, "I guess so."

Q: I'm looking for the orgy, where do I find that?
A: The Burn is not a huge orgy. Most of the orgies that I have participated in at The Burn have been spontaneous and with friends. My tribe happens to be more liberal and polyamorous than others, and so I am surrounded by sexy playful people. There are also private sex parties that are invite only, and unless you get an invitation, you won't find them. If you want to push your sexual boundaries and seek out group sex I recommend you try the orgy dome where there is a dedicated space for this kind of experience.