Safety at The Burn

Q: So this party in the desert, is it a free for all?
A: Nope. You will see federal agents from the BLM, state and local police, and Black Rock Rangers. 

Q: What's the difference?
A: BLM agents work for the Federal government and enforce federal law. That means that even if what you are doing or consuming is legal in Nevada, it doesn't mean it's legal in Black Rock City. The playa is on Federal land and thus Federal law is enforced. State and local police officers are just like the ones in your neighborhood at home. They enforce local laws, and are used at times to investigate crimes. Black Rock Rangers are not a member of law enforcement. They are volunteers that are trained by The Org to help mediate the many situations that arise in a city of 70,000 people from disputes to accidents. 

Q: So I can't do drugs??
A: I am not going to comment on how you party, or how I party, but the truth is, there is plenty of drug use at The Burn. If that's what you want to do, there are smarter ways to transport and consume party favors on the playa.

Q: What if I need help? Who do I find?
A: If you're in danger, or someone is hurt it doesn't really matter, just get help fast. If someone you are with is having a bad trip, take them to a med tent or the Zendo camp, or find a ranger. It's a lot easier to deal with people that work for the festival than the state of Nevada. Most of your crises can be resolved with the help of a neighbor, medic, or Black Rock Ranger.