Children at Burning Man

Q: There are families at the burn?! What a bummer!
A: In all my years at the burn I can say with certainty that the presence of a child has never altered my behavior. And to be frank, if the presence of a child makes you stop and think about what you are doing then you probably shouldn't be doing it. Kids are usually in bed after dark and generally stay in Kidsville, so you can host your orgy whenever you want as long as it isn't in the middle of the street. Just remember that a society only works when all ages and abilities are represented, and the burn isn't a party, it's a community.

Q: Wait! I think kid are great, I want to bring mine!
A: Kidsville is set up just for parents like you! Space is limited and there are reasonable dues. If you want to bring the little ones then there's no reason you can't. You can learn more on the Kidsville website.