What is a Regional Burn?

Over the years, burners in their local communities have created their own local events based on the principles of The Burn. Local burns are similar to The Burn in that they celebrate and highlight art, encourage engagement and gifting, while at the same time incorporating the same principles. Unlike traditional festivals, Regional Burns do not allow vending of any sort, and theme camps are created and funded by the attendees. These local burns are different because they add their own regional flavor based on the location of the burn. 

Where is my Regional Burn?

Local burns can be found on six continents, connecting burners across the globe with their tribe. The largest local burns can be found in Africa, Israel, and Japan.

Should I Attend a Regional Burn?

While attending the official Burn in Black Rock Desert may sound amazing, the challenge of prepping, getting tickets, and traveling from where you call home, isn't so simple. Thankfully, there's no reason for you to miss out on meeting local burners or experiencing the euphoria of coming home. Tickets can range from under $100 to more than $200. 

What Should I Bring?

I made an exhaustive packing list of items that were needed for The Burn along with items that were not necessary but nice to have. Since every regional burn is unique with different terrain, climates, and can vary from beaches to forests, there isn't one exhaustive packing list. So instead, I've made a regional packing list with tabs for various environments and sizes of regional burn along with a list of items that will be needed at every burn.