Dusty DIY: How to Make a Feather Collar

In the past feathers have been forboden at the burn. Why? Because cheap feather boas were mooping all over the playa. But a few years ago there was a softening of the rule, and outfits that had securely fastened feathers were once again allowed to return.

So if you're looking for a way to amp up your style at The Burn, here is a simple step-by-step guide for creating your own feather collar. I borrowed half of the items on the list from friends, and found old buttons on a shirt from GoodWill, so get resourceful when finding what you need

Supply List

1. Start by measuring your neck. Whatever the length is, subtract 2" when cutting the leather. For example, my friend's neck is 16", so I cut the leather to measure 14"x2.5". Be sure to choose a leather that is soft and supple. You don't want something stiff that will rub your neck raw.


2. Next, warm up your glue gun and cut the feather trim to fit the length of the leather. Once your glue gun is warm, flip the leather over to the inside and start gluing the feathers to the leather. Repeat this on the bottom half of the collar, unless you only want feathers on the top of bottom half.


3. Once the feathers are secured cut a piece of ribbon the length of the leather and glue it over the bottom of the fringe of the feathers. This will keep the feather trim from irritating your skin, and is an additional measure to secure the feathers. Repeat on the the second row of feathers.


4. Next, Use your needle and thread to sew the three buttons onto the edge of the collar. You can use just two buttons depending on their size, and placing them is a matter of personal preference. Tie a knot in the thread once you are done so the buttons are properly secured.


5. Then use the leather punch to create small holes on the opposite end of the collar corresponding with the buttons you just sewed on.


6. Cut three, 6" lengths of the round cord elastic, one for each button, and slip them through the holes to create a loop. Do this one at a time and test the lengths against your neck to make sure it feels snug, but not too tight. Once you have determined the length of the loop, tie a knot behind each of the elastics, securing them on the inside of the collar. 


7. Finally, cut two pieces of ribbon the height of the collar and hot glue them inside to cover the thread from the buttons, and the round cord elastic to secure their placement, and also for additional comfort.


And voila! You have a new collar for the playa. I recommend packing this collar between two pieces of cardboard to secure its transport to the playa. 

And here's my feather collar, and as you can see, I did two rows of feathers instead of one: