I, Robot: Men's Outfits for The Burn 2018

Every year Burning Man releases a new theme that is meant to inspire the art and inspiration for the burn that year. One of the most fun ways to participate in the theme is to create outfits based on that year's theme.

While I, Robot might inspire images of tin man and C3PO, and who doesn't love a shiny outfit, the organizers have asked people to be inspired by current and future technologies (including robots). 

V for Vendetta

Guy Fawkes day is coming early this year. Show your resistance to the system with this V for Vendetta inspired outfit that will mask  your face and your deeds.

Take the RED Pill

Help your fellow burners leave the default world behind and enter wonderland with this Matrix inspired outfit. Wander the playa offering people red pills, because let's be real, no one would take the blue one. 

The Future is Steam Powered

Make your I, Robot inspired outfit futuristic and nostalgic at the same time with this steampunk inspired outfit. 

Forbidden Planet

Robots get all the bling, and this silver inspired robot is futuristic and shiny in all the right ways. 

Looking for more inspiration? Visit our men's outfits section for more ideas.