Dusty DIY: Leather Covered Lighters as Playa Gifts

While gifts aren't expected on the playa, it isn't uncommon to meet people who have brought special items to give to their fellow burners. It can be especially nice to have items on hand when someone is generous with you, or just brightens your day.

The first gift I ever received on playa was a lighter that was wrapped in furry fabric. I loved it! But I was terrified I was going to catch the fur on fire. So this craft was inspired by that gift, and lucky for my, I had tons of scraps and little thing lying around from previous years of arts and crafts, so I only had to grab some lighters to make this Dusty DIY.

Supply List


1. Start by measuring lengths of leather cord between 3' and 4' depending on your preferred length. Cut as many cords as you'll need for your lighters.



2. Warm your hot glue gun and run a line of glue down either side of the lighter and glue the cord. Be sure to have the top of the lighter facing down. This way when someone goes to use the lighter they won't accidentally burn through the cord. 


3. Cut scraps of leather to fit the entire length of the lighter taking care to not cover up the +/- toggle on the side of the lighter. And don't forget to cover the bottom


And that's it! You now have one of the most coveted items on the playa, a working lighter. And if you don't have time to make anything, you can check out my gifting idea section.

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