Metamorphoses: Top Ten Fashion Trends at The Burn

Whether you opt to be nude, or you get styled to the neck, the citizens of black rock desert love to express themselves through their fashion. While the styles have changed over the years, and some things like tutus are a playa staple that you can not leave at home, other looks come and go. If you want to have the latest looks when you arrive at the burn, here are the top ten fashion trends for the burn in 2019:


Military Inspired Hats: This is the hottest trend in headwear at the burn these days. Bedazzled, disco plated, LED lit, these creations are as unique as you and can be easily found on Etsy, or you can make your own! Be forewarned that these hats are handmade and could be your one investment piece for the year.


Horns: These come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and there's a pair out there for you. The trend started several years and has only grown in popularity. Some opt to add lights or faux flowers to their horns and others just put their horns on and go. 


LED Accessories: Last year you could see dozens of people had picked up some new LED shoes, and from there the possibilities seem endless. Ten years ago LED lights were expensive, but now El wire can be bought for less than $10. You can get LED rings, necklaces, hair accessories, mouth guards, clothing, tutus, and more. If you are feeling crafty, try adding LED lights to your clothing with this helpful tutorial.


Furry Hoods: Don't be fooled by the hot days, because it can get cool on the playa. In the evening it's smart to carry your furry hood just in case you decide to see the sun rise. Bonus if you snag a hood that also includes hand warmers.


Bedazzled Goggles: These covetable encrusted accessories are everywhere these days, and they can be easily acquired on Etsy, or you can create your own!


Funky Sunglasses: I don't recommend bringing your nice shades to the playa, but I can suggest that you have some fun with the cheap sunnies you do bring. The cat eye shape has been making the rounds along with heart frames and the occasional octagonal sunnies.


Flash Tattoos: These started making their appearance on the playa around 2013 and every year people think of new and creative ways to incorporate them on their bodies and faces. These days more colorful and lace white tattoos are gaining momentum as the gold and silver ones become more and more ubiquitous.


Fishnet & Mesh: Fishnet stockings have always been a thing on the playa, but mesh accessories are growing in popularity as a way to stay cool in the summer heat. You can find the materials incorporated in tops, bottoms, accessories, and even underwear.


Holographic Fabric: Metallic is out, and holograms are in this year. A trend that started in the 80s has made its way back to the playa, and you're sure to see this material on everything from backpacks, to leggings, to pasties


Body Chains: Once restricted to the head, chains have been making their way down the body and these days an elaborate body chain can be entire costume on the playa. Incorporate chain jewelry to every look in both silver and gold. 


So there you have it, the trendiest looks for the burn in 2019 BUT don't let this stop you from expressing yourself however you like.