Shiftpod Decoration: How to Maximize Comfort in Your ShiftP

How will you decorate your Shiftpod this festival season?

This burn I had every intention of taking many photos of various Shiftpod setups. But like every plan on the playa, it quickly was abandoned. Luckily I camp with professional burners, and I was able to photograph my campmate’s Shiftpod.

Adriana, aka Dusty Princess and Greg took their ShiftPod to the playa for the first time this year. They came prepared with everything from a swamp cooler to a closet. See some photos below where I point out a few items that made their burn especially luxurious.

The Bed

Pro tip #1: Skip the air mattress. I am embarrassed to admit how many burns I slept on an air mattress. Aside from being less than comfort, it’s nearly impossible to stay warm at night. Even with several layers of blankets beneath you, the air in the mattress cools down and then it cools you down. Greg and Adriana chose a trifold 4” memory foam mattress. Since they had a smaller vehicle they strapped the Shiftpod and the mattress to the top of their car.

They ALSO have my favorite battery operated fan, which I have had with me every burn! They also had the brilliant idea of putting his and her bins at the head of their bed for personal items that can easily be placed there before falling asleep. If you’ve never been to the burn it’s impossible to describe how fast the sprint into bed can be.

The decor

Greg and Adriana covered their floor in foam tiles, which I personally had in my Shiftpod as well. After walking all day a soft cushy floor feels like heaven on your feet. They covered the tiles with small furry rugs, but noticed that they shifted easily, so they recommended a larger rug. They also took the bare walls of their Shiftpod and covered them with beautiful tapestries.

Pro tip #2: A lot of times when you hang a tapestry in a tent or Shiftpod, it will hang forward in the middle and unnecessarily cut off a lot of space. To avoid this ,you first safety pin all four corners to the frame. Next, you put a carabiner through the frame behind your tapestry. Then you safety pin the tapestry in the middle to the carabiner. When you do this from the back of the tapestry, you can't see any of the hardware and it keeps the tapestries snuggly against the wall. 

the closet

I am OBSESSED with this clothing rack! I was really happy with mine… until I saw this one. I love the his and her sides of the wardrobe, the shelves and the drawers for items that don’t easily hang, and it’s just a single rod clothing rack with hanging shelves and drawers.

I also like the use of the hanging jewelry organizer to hold things like sunglasses, accessories, earrings, etc.


The vanity

I saved my favorite part for last: the vanity. Adriana and Greg brought a couple of lap trays and covered them with a tapestry creating a low to ground table. Having a low table eliminated the need for a chair, and they were able to easily pack them down for transit. Added bonus: they provided storage beneath them. Having a dedicated place to do hair and makeup is a game changer on the playa.

There are obviously dozens of ways to decorate and make your Shiftpod plush, but thanks to my amazing burner buddies, you now have some fresh inspiration for your next festival or Burning Man.

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