What to Wear to Burning Man 2018

The Do's and Don'ts of Playa Fashion

To some Burning Man seems like a no restrictions, no holds barred, adult playground where the rules don't apply. But even in the chaos and magic of the playa there are some guidelines you should follow. Some of these are based on following The 10 Principles, and some are based on the harsh conditions that you find at Black Rock City. So here are the fashion do's and don'ts of Burning Man:

DO Express Yourself

Burning Man is not about looking like everyone else. It is about freedom of expression. I know there are lots of fashion ideas here on this site that look like "traditional burner": fishnets, holsters, scarves, etc. but that doesn't mean you should dress like everyone else. Find the look that makes you feel fully expressed. 

DON'T Wear Glitter of Gems

Items that fall of your body or outfit are a no-go at the burn, starting with glitter and gems. You might be thinking, "well I'll just use biodegradable glitter," but Burning Man is a leave no trace festival, which means you don't leave anything, including things that biodegrade. Just imagine that someone, weeks after you are gone, is pulling your super cute glitter or gems off the playa with tweezers. NO JOKE. If your outfit has gems or glitter that seem to come off easily, leave it at home. And PLEASE know that anything hot glued to your outfit will likely come off in the heat, so only use epoxies that can withstand the climate like E6000. A good alternative to these items are flash tats and funky makeup alternatives. I've included a few below:

Check out the makeup section for more fun ideas.

DO Be Comfortable

You will find all ages, sizes, genders, etc. at the burn, as well as all forms of self-expression. The best way to be comfortable in the mix is to wear exactly what feels good to you. You can be entirely dressed up and glamorous, dressed down and hippie, or not dressed at all. The thing you want to avoid is dressing the way you think you should be dressing. 

Looking for inspiration? Check out our collection of men's and women's outfits.

DON'T Wear Feathers

I repeat, DO NOT WEAR FEATHERS. These little bits of fluff are a hazard to the playa, and nearly impossible to keep contained. Years ago people wore cheap feathers boa and left trails of M.O.O.P. behind them. In 2012 Burning Man banned feathers, but then eased the ban for items that had strongly secured feathers. That ban is back in effect this year. There are hundreds of amazing ways to accessorize, so leave the feathers at home. 

DO Explore The Theme

Every year Burning Man explores a new theme that is meant to inspire art, fashion, and conversation. Every year I create or buy one new outfit that is inspired by the theme, and this year I, Robot is no different. You can check out complete outfit ideas for men and women, or just a collection of ideas for women

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