Metamorphoses: Daytime Outfits for The Burn

For the yet to be christened burner, and even those with some experience, choosing outfits can be time consuming and perhaps a bit stressful. Choosing a wardrobe is hard enough, before you even consider that there are lots of events like the Billion Bunny March, White Wednesday, and Tutu Tuesday that you only hear about once on playa. Of course you could probably borrow a set of bunny ears or a spare tutu, but if you're anything like me, you prefer to be prepared. It's all about self-reliance right?

So I've organized a variety of outfits based on events, themes, and color - which is how I manage my wardrobe. 

Manic Monday - Your first full day on the playa means lots of exploring, biking, and very little sitting around, so wear something light, easy, simple, and functional. 

Tutu Tuesday - This one is easy to wear, and only takes moments to create. Just add a tutu to any bikini and race out to playa.

White Wednesday - The good news is playa dust is relatively white, so staying pristine all day is remarkably easy.

BBM Thursday - A time honored tradition is the Billion Bunny March, which happens every Thursday as burners dress up as bunnies, protesting the humans. And the bunnies are often met with resistance by carrots, who want to be acknowledged as friends, and not food.

Flying Friday - Grow some wings as you metamorphosis in to a new shape and release your inhibitions.

Sight Seeing Saturday - Tonight the man burns! Why not take the day to see all that the burn and the Universe have to offer. This galaxy inspired outfit will have you feeling expanded in no time.

Sendoff Sunday - Most burners don't stay for the final burn, so your outfit today should be appropriate for the playa and the default world. Stay loose and comfy on your final tour around the playa before you hit the road and head out.