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Metamorphoses: Daytime Outfits for The Burn

Metamorphoses: Daytime Outfits for The Burn

For the yet to be christened burner, and even those with some experience, choosing outfits can be time consuming and perhaps a bit stressful. Choosing a wardrobe is hard enough, before you even consider that there are lots of events like the Billion Bunny March, White Wednesday, and Tutu Tuesday that you only hear about once on playa. Of course you could probably borrow a set of bunny ears or a spare tutu, but if you're anything like me, you prefer to be prepared. It's all about self-reliance right?

Metamorphoses: Nighttime Outfits for The Burn

Metamorphoses: Nighttime Outfits for The Burn

Temperatures can drop significantly at night on the Black Rock Desert, and while you may be smart have pack a playa coat, you won't want to wear a heavy coat the entire time you are out. So I've organized a variety of outfits based on events, themes, and color that will be sexy, but warm.

Metamorphoses: Women's Outfits for The Burn 2019

Every year the org that puts on the burn releases a new theme that is meant to shape the art and inspiration for the festival. One of the most accessible ways to participate in the theme is to create outfits based on that year's topic.

Metamorphoses offers a variety of color options from beautiful butterflies to a phoenix rising from the ashes. Below are some ideas based on this year's theme:

Make Your Own Wings

Don’t wait for someone else to come along and make you change. Take yourself to the highest of heights, put on your wings, and soar. Have fun with this transformational rainbow butterfly outfit: 

You First Must Burn

In order for a phoenix to be reborn, it first must burn. All transformations come with their pain, but rising from the ashes, triumphant, is something we can all understand.

Always Be Yourself

Unless you can be a unicorn, then you should be a unicorn. Transform yourself into one of the most fun mythical creatures with this holographic unicorn ensemble.

You’re An Animal

Perhaps your next transformation should be an homage to your spirit animal! Channel your inner shaman and the energy of your spirit guides with an animal inspired outfit. Since my spirit animal is the dragonfly, you can see what I’ll be wearing below.

Don’t know what your spirit animal is? Take this fun quiz and find out.  

Put The "Y" in Cyborg

You were once human, but now you've been assimilated. Use your superior hive mind to solve the most important question, "where's the good music?"

Playa Guide: How to Eat Healthy at The Burn

Playa Guide: How to Eat Healthy at The Burn

Before my first burn I was told that it was impossible to have fresh fruit or vegetables because they would go bad. So I spent an unhappy week eating canned food and dried fruit. Fast forward to the next year when my friend, who is a vegan chef, showed up with four coolers to feed three people and force fed me kale for an entire all week.

Playa Guide: Veteran Burners Review SHIFTPOD Tents

Playa Guide: Veteran Burners Review SHIFTPOD Tents

One of the tents that recently hit the market and has been making a big splash on the playa is the Shift Pod. Now, full disclosure, I have not camped in a Shift Pod before. But I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I reached out some experienced burners to ask them what they thought of their Shift Pod tent. Here's what they had to say: