Metamorphoses: Nighttime Outfits for The Burn

Temperatures can drop significantly at night on the Black Rock Desert, and while you may have been smart enough to pack a playa coat, you won't want to wear it the entire time you are out. So I've organized a variety of outfits that will be sexy, but also warm. The most important thing to remember at night (aside form staying warm), is remembering to be lit up.

Manic Monday - your first night on the playa you'll want an outfit that is easy to bike in and always be sure that you're well lit. 

Top Hat Tuesday - Tap into your inner sci-fi nerd and rock that top hat steampunk style as you cruise the playa.

White Wednesday - Meet your friends at Opulent Temple for the annual white party, and feel sexy and warm in this pure white outfit.

Throwback Thursday - Take things back to the 1940's with this military inspired look that will be all the rage at the burn this year.

Fuzzy Friday - Who doesn't love a good cuddle puddle? This combination of velvet and fur will make you a delight to the senses.

Sparks Saturday - Tonight the man burns so dust off your best burner threads and make the night hot with this fire inspired look. 

Discover how the temperatures fluctuate at various times of night in my blog on how to stay warm at the burn.