Ten Tips for First Time Burners

Heeeeey virgin! You, yeah you! If you haven't been to Burning Man you are still an uninitiated virgin. And unlike high school where that word would garner you all kinds of attention, at the burn, we love our virgins. Yell it loud and proud that it's your first time, and keep these ten things in mind:

  1. Be teachable. Remember the first time you had sex? No matter how good it felt, you still had no idea what you were doing. So listen to the veterans, they are to help and occasionally fuck with you. There are ten principles for a reason, and Burning Man only works when they are heeded.

  2. Give yourself enough time! Don't skimp on the number of days you spend at the burn. Soak it up! Show up on Sunday and watch the city grow into a frenetic party by Saturday. And don't skip the temple burn, it is one the most sacred burns you will ever watch.

  3. Take time to prepare. There are tons of blogs and packing lists online that share different tips and tricks on how to burn, and while we do our best here at Dusty Depot to provide all that information, we still recommend you take the time to research and prepare to have the best burn possible.

  4. Participate! Wear artistic outfits, help with art, go to lectures, burn something in the temple, dance when you feel like it. There is no point watching everyone else play while you wait for an invitation.

  5. Self Care! Don't skimp on sleep. The burn is a marathon, not a sprint so plan to have a great time, but also bring ear plugs, and a good eye mask. Eat right. Everyone does the burn a little differently when it comes to food, but whatever you do, don't skip meals too frequently. The burn is hard on your body, and not nourishing it can have serious consequences.

  6. Hydrate! Just like food, you will need to drink lots of water and electrolytes.

  7. Make plans for your accommodations. During your week on the playa you will need a place to change your costumes, get some sleep, and you might even want a place to retreat for a few hours to recharge. Do yourself a favor and create a dust free environment to stay in, whatever that looks like.

  8. Learn the language. There is a culture to the burn, from the principles we stand for, to the language we speak. The burn isn't a festival, it's a community, and you are about to become its newest member. You should know what moop is, why you shouldn't be a darktard, and what a shirt cocker is.

  9. Be prepared to miss something. The burn is massive! With hundreds of pieces of art, music, and festivities. Just remember that where ever you find yourself on the playa, you are in the right place.

  10. Take risks. Watch the sunrise, fall in love, cry, release something, become a better you. The burn is a place to evolve, so come in with an open heart to what is possible.

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