Choosing the Best Goggles for The Burn

Burning Man is legendary for its dust storms that sweep across the Black Rock Desert, sometimes without warning. Winds can range up 80 mph (130km/h) creating total whiteout conditions, especially if you are be outside the city. Exposure to the elements at Burning Man can be serious, and that's why the right pair of goggles is something that can't be left at home as you prepare for that thing in the desert.

The good news is, most burns only experience a handful of serious whiteouts, and goggles aren't often needed as anything other than an accessory. 

When dust storms do hit, they can happen during the day or the night, so most of my friends and I have a three pack that includes goggles that are tinted or clear for night and day.

This three pack even include a yellow pair for low lights conditions, which can make a difference when the lighting changes in the middle of the day.

Dust storms are no joke, and while they aren't a constant, you should have your goggles with you AT ALL TIMES. Preparedness is literally the different between a great burn, and one that lands you in a medic tent. 

Of course this three pack of motorcycle goggles are very utilitarian, so if you want something more fashionable you can consider trying a pair of ski goggles or other funky motorcycle goggles

I personally find goggles to be less than comfortable in the heat and spend most of my days in sunglasses. I typically recommend that burners bring two or three pairs of cheap sunglasses and one pair of nice goggles that can be taken out when things get dusty.

Here are a few of my favorite sunglasses:

Of course, if you want to personalize your goggles check out my blog on how to add gems to them.